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NFT Cartoons in the next generation Web3 game

These crypto soldiers are ready to fight. Each of them has an unique skin, and unlocks an access to our game.

Cartoon Strike story

The Story

It’s time to defend the Metaverse! We are building a crypto army that will guard the Web3 world. Be part of the game industry revolution that is about to happen.

Big game companies try to slow down the evolution, and they slander and defame NFTs.

We decided to step up and create the best online multiplayer game using the power of NFTs.

Cartoon Strike NFT

Our unique NFT collection allows you to own a special character (skin) in the web-based game.

You can play the game using your very own skin and earn game tokens.

The other option how to earn tokens is by stacking. You can rent your skin to other players.
If you do so, you will earn tokens every time a game is played and extra tokens when a player chooses your skin.

  • Unique NFT collection
  • Play to earn
  • Token stacking
  • Leaderboards, Clan wars & more

The fun-first multiplayer shooting game

We're building an enjoyable experience for all players. Everyone can play directly from their web browsers.

The next level online multiplayer game
Community-based approach
Powered by Web3 technology
Play to earn our game tokens
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Join our forces

Become an early member of the Cartoon Strike community, and enjoy the special perks.

Our Roadmap

The main goal is to build the best NFT-based multiplayer game ever.

First version

Cartoon Strike DEMO

The simple, minimalistic version of the web-based game. With a limited number of Cartoons, maps, and guns. Available for free for everyone.

UPDATE: The game is live! You can play it online on GL & HF!


Genesis Cartoons

The first NFT drop is coming in April. Don't miss the opportunity to mint your Cartoon and be part of the game revolution.

Genesis Cartoon collection

Join our forces

Package contains:
- A unique & tradeable Cartoon skin.
- Game pass for the next version of the game.
- Early access to the stacking system so you can earn extra game coins.

New beginning
Q2 2022

Release the Cartoon Strike game

The new version of Cartoon Strike web-based game. Updated graphics, premium skins, new maps, better gaming experience.
It will be published all around the Internet on dozens of online game websites.

Play icon new Cartoon Strike new Cartoon Strike video

PHASE 1: Available ONLY for our NFT holders.

PHASE 2: Free to play for everyone.

Q2 2022

The new way of NFT stacking

You can offer your NFT skin to rent in our game. Every time a player plays with your skin, you earn game tokens.

Also, you can earn tokens by playing the game.

You can use earned tokens to purchase future game assets during the upcoming mints.

Play to earn
Q3 2022

Introducing play-to-earn model

We want to reward the most active and successful players from our community. The update will allow all players to earn game tokens by simply playing the game.

These tokens could be used to buy new game assets in the next step.

Future mints
Q3 2022

New game assets

New game assets

Grab new uniquely designed stuff for the Cartoon Strike game by purchasing it via game tokens or minting.

Option to merge multiple NFTs to create a new one. Your Cartoon + Weapon = New NFT.

Q4 2022

Clan wars, leaderboard & more

We'll organize virtual clan wars between NFT communities by importing their characters into the game.

Top players on the leaderboard will be able to leave custom messages everyone will see. They can get exposure among thousands of daily active gamers.

Options are limitless. We listen to the community and develop the game together.

Perks for NFT holders

Minting one of the Cartoons unlocks access to the new NFT gaming world.

Game pass

Early access to the new web-based version of Cartoon Strike, where you will be able to play with your Cartoon.

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Earn the game tokens by playing Cartoon Strike or renting your skin to other players on our platform.

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Exclusive pre-sale

You will be among the first to buy new game assets from the following collection using the game tokens or mint.

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Community member

We listen to NFT holders to deliver enormous value for them. Let's shape the future of Web3 gaming together.

Frequently asked questions

  • When mint?

    In April 2022. The mint date will be revealed in early April.

  • How can I mint?

    The best way is to use the Metamask wallet.

  • What will be the mint price?

    There will be 3 minting waves with growing prices in each wave. We will specify the exact mint price in early April.

  • How many Cartoon can I mint?

    You can mint up to 3 Cartoons in the first mint wave and a maximum of 10 Cartoons per wallet.

  • What's the game token, and how can I use it?

    You can earn game tokens by playing or stacking. Each time you or someone else is playing with your skin, you will receive game tokens.
    You can spend these tokens to purchase game assets in the future NFT drops.

  • What blockchain do you use?

    Our Cartoons are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. They are tradeable on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

The Dream Team

Game development studio meets startup enthusiasts with a successful past in the NFT space. We want to bring the best from NFTs into the gaming industry and create a great environment for our early investors and token holders.



Game development studio working on PC & mobile games. Publisher of web-based online games.



NFT artist with a track record of successful products. Specializing in 3D art.



Startup pioneer, founder and crypto enthusiast. Previously Technical Product Lead.

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